Panasonic KXT-1232
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The KX-T 1232 is packaged to support 8 incoming lines and 16 electronic\ or standard home style telephones. This unit can be expanded by adding 1 additional four circuit CO/line card and 2 additional 8 circuit station cards for a max. capacity of 12 x 32.

Panasonic KSU KXT1232 Carded 4 lines 16 telephones) ***additional***

RefurbishedAdding CO cards will expand system to 12 lines. Adding Station cards will expand system to 32 telephones.
Coordinates the use of up to 12 CO lines and 32 extensions Can be used with standard modular telephones Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) for cost control and system management Programmable system features and operation modes System administration and diagnostics capabilities* Direct Inward System Access (DISA)* feature allows outside callers to access the KX-T1232H system

Auto CO line hunt
8-class toll restriction
3-Way Conference Calling

Panasonic Cabinet with Power Supply (Empty)


Panasonic Card KXT123241 DSS

Required when KCT-123241 or KX-T7040 DSS Console is connected to KX-1232, Maximum 2 DSS Consoles per card, Maximum 2 DSS Consoles per system

Panasonic Card KXT123270 8 Station

RefurbishedEach card added will support 8 additional telephones. Maximum 2 additional cards.
Station card A 8 circuit station card, expands systems by 8 additional stations.

Panasonic Card KXT123280 4 CO

RefurbishedEach card adds 4 incoming lines to system. Maximum 2 additional.

PanasonicCard 4 Station KXT123271

4 Circuit Plugs into Control Uni

PanasonicCard 2 CO KXT123281


PanasonicCard OPX Interface KXT123285


PanasonicOPX Power Supply unit KXT123286


Panasonic Card DISA KXT123291


PanasonicCard DISA OGM KXT123292


PanasonicCard Diagnostics KXT123295


PanasonicCard Modem KXT123296