Panasonic KSU KXT1232 Carded 4 lines 16 telephones) ***additional***

RefurbishedAdding CO cards will expand system to 12 lines. Adding Station cards will expand system to 32 telephones.
Coordinates the use of up to 12 CO lines and 32 extensions Can be used with standard modular telephones Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) for cost control and system management Programmable system features and operation modes System administration and diagnostics capabilities* Direct Inward System Access (DISA)* feature allows outside callers to access the KX-T1232H system

Auto CO line hunt
8-class toll restriction
3-Way Conference Calling

FeaturesPanasonic KX-T308/KX-T616/KX-T1232

Feature Comparison

KX-T61610 KX-T30810 KX-T123211D

CO Line Features

CO Line Group Y Delay Ringing Y Y Flexible Line Assignment Y Y Y Flexible Ringing Assignment Y Y Y Music On Hold Y Y Y Tone/Pulse Dialing (CO Line) Y Y Y Trunk Queing Y Y Y Trunk to Trunk Connection Y

System Features

CO Lines 6 3 12 Extensions 16 8 32 Administration Remote Y Administration (via RS232) Y Call Hunt Y DISA Y Door intercom Y Y Y Door Opener Remote Control Y Y Y DTMF Integration Y External Speaker Paging Y Y Y Flexible Night Service Y Y Y Flexible Station Numbering Y Live Programming (Station Only) Y Y Y Off Premise Extention (OPX) Y Paging (Internal) Y Y Y Power Failure Operaton(Basic) Y Y Y SMDR Y Y System Diagnostic Y System Speed Dial Y Y Y Toll Restriction Y Y Y Toll Restriction (Speed Dial ) Y Y Y Voice Mail Integration Y

Extension Features

Absent Message Y Account Code Y Y Alphanumeric Display Y Y Y Automatic Answer (intercom) Y Y Y Automatic Call Back Y Y Y Automatic CO Line Hunt Y Y Y Automatic Pause Insertion Y Y Y Automatic Redial Y Y Y Busy Station Signaling (LCD) Y Y Y Call Duration Display Y Y Y Call Forward Y Y Y Call Park Y Call Pickup(Group Directed) Y Y Y Call Splitting Y Y Y Call Waiting Y Y Y Calling Station Display Y Y Y CO Line Status Y Y Y Conference Call Y Y Y Data Line Security Y Y Y Distinctive Ringing Y Y Y Do Not Disturb Y Y Y Do Not Disturb Override Y DSS/BLF Y Y Electronic Hold Y Y Y Electronic Station Lock Y Y Y Executive Override Y Executive Override (Trunk) Y Y Y Flexible CO Keys Y Y Y Hold (Exclusive) Y Y Y Hold with Reminder Y Y Y In-Hold. in Use Indication Y Y Y Intercom Y Y Y Message Waiting Y Mute Function Y Y Y Off Hook Call Announce (OHCA) Y On-Hook Dialing Y Y Y One-Touch CO Line Access Y Y Y Personal Auto Dial Y Y Y Pick-Up Dial Y Y Programmable Soft Keys Y Y Y Recall Y Y Y Ringing Line Preference Y Y Y Save Redial Y Y Y Speakerphone Y Y Y Station Name Display Y Station Status Check Y Time/Date Display Y Y Y Timed Reminder Y Transfer(Screened Unscreened) Y Y Y Unattended Conference Y Voice Signaling Y Y Y
Optional cards and or equipment required for some features.


Control Unit KX-T30810 KXT61610 KXT123211D Capacity CO Lines 3 6 12 Extensions 8 16 32 Intercom Paths 4 4 4 Dialing Method External Tone/pulse (10 pps) Internal Tone/pulse (10 pps 20 pps) Dialing Conversion Tone to pulse or pulse to tone Switching Space division CMOS crosspoint switch Power Failure Transfer To pre-assigned extensions Back Up Several hours w th optional batteries (depending upon use) Connections CO Line Modular jack(RJ11) Intercom Modular jack(RJ11) Amp Plug Paging Phono jack External Music 2-conductor jack SMDR RS-232C l/F port Power Source AC 120V 60 Hz Dimensions H xW x D 17 5/32" X 13 3/16" 18 3/4" X 15" x4 1/8" 7 5/8" Weight 9.9 lbs 19.4 lbs

KX-T7130 Proprietary Telephones

Dimensions(H xWxD): 3 15/16" X 7 9/16" X 8 7/8" Weight: 2.2 Ibs. Dimensions (HxWxD): 3 15/16" x 6 3/4" X 8 7/8" Weight: 2.2 Ibs

KX-T7040 DSS Console

Dimensions (HxWxD). 3 1/16" X 6 3/4" X 8 7/8" Weight: I.0 lb.

Optional Accessories

KX-A26 Battery Backup Adapter KXT1232 only KX-A1G System Backup Unit KXT308 KXT616 only KX-T30860D Doorphone Adapter KX-T30865 Doorphone KX-T30866 Door Opener Adapter KX-T123241 DSS Console Interface Card 1232 only KX-T123270 Card 8 Station Line 1232 only KX-T123280 Card 4 CO 1232 only KX-T123285 Card OPX 1232 only KX-T123286 Unit OPX 1232 only KX-T123291 DISA Module 1232 only KX-T123292 DISA OGM 1232 only KX-T123296 Modem Card 1232 only