AT&T/Avaya Voyce Connect Features and Description



VoysConnect was developed to provide a combined voicemail/ telephone system for small businesses. VoysConnect is not a key system, but rather a combination voice mail

and telephone system supporting 4 telephone lines and 8 industry standard (2500 type) telephones.

The customer profile for VoysConnect is a very small business requiring 4‑8 phones; probably already using 1 or 2 line analog telephones. Such businesses likely have an answering machine, answering service or CO based voice mail, none of which offer the same flexibility as customer owned voice mail, in particular an auto attendant function. Additionally, CO based voice mail or an answering service is an ongoing expense.  An underlying assumption behind VoysConnect is that for many small businesses, voice processing can be a more useful business tool than the phone system itself.  However, they must first have a phone system that supports voice mail. The low CPE voice mail penetration rate in businesses with 1-10 employees, has been due in large part to the cost of first purchasing a phone system and then adding voice mail. The objective of VoysConnect is to provide the basic must have features of a business phone system, while at the same time providing voice mail/auto attendant features.

Summary of VoysConnect/VoysConnect Hardware Platform

       Motorola 68360 processor  

       Single 4 layer PCB, surface mount technology  

       4 Meg Flash ROM for voice storage  

       8 Meg PCMCIA like storage expansion slot  

      Standard RCA connector for MOH  

      Integrated, internal power supply



      4 CO Loop Start interfaces  

    8 IST station interfaces  

       FCC / UL certifications  

      Voice storage: 30 min. in base unit; additional 80 min. with addition of PCMCIA like card.


VoysConnect supports 8 industry standard terminals (2500 set, analog feature phone, cordless phone, modem, fax machine). Telephone features are accessed via dial access codes. These codes can be programmed under a button on an analog feature phone, or dial accessed from a telephone keypad.

VoysConnect also provides a strong complement of voice mail / auto attendant capabilities. A summary of system features appears on the following page.

Telephone System Features  

4 party conference calls

Blind/Screened transfers

Call forward, multiple options

Call groups

Distinctive ringing

External call pick up

External transfer/forward

Far end disconnect supervision

Flexible line/station ringing

Hold /Release

Individual extension numbers

Intercom calls

MOH/recorded announcement

Overhead audio paging

Auto Attendant Features  

Access to any extension or mailbox

Auto escape to operator

Auto fax detection

Company directory

Day and night user recorded greetings

Audio Text Features

Flexible message length

Listen only mailboxes

Listener can repeat message


Voice Mail Features  

8 subscriber mailboxes

Call screening/barge‑in

Call Sender of message

Delete/Save/Skip Messages

Group voice mailboxes

Guest Mailboxes

Message Queue status

Up to 30 minutes dynamic storage

Offsite Message notification

Optional storage expansion

Password privacy

Pause/Continue while recording

Personal Greeting

Press 0 for a live person

Reply & Forward messages

Single digit user interface

Spoken Name

Time and date stamp

Urgent message status

Visible Message Waiting Indicator

Volume control



VoysConnect General Specifications

Maximum # Lines                                4

Maximum # Stations                            8

Intercom Paths                                    Non-Blocking Internal Switch Matrix

Paging Output                                     RCA connectors

Music On Hold Input                           RCA connectors

Recorded Announcement Input            RCA connectors

Station/Line Connectors                      RJ-11 connectors

Basic Storage time                              30 Minutes

Expansion Module                              80 Minutes

Dimensions:                                        12.5” h x 15.5” w x 3.6” d

                                                           31.75 cm h x 39.37 cm w x 9.144 cm d)

Weight                                                5.56 lbs./2.53 Kg

Power Requirements                          120 VAC, 1.0A / 220VAC, 0.5A International

FCC Class A & B registered              



Some features may be optional. Some models subject to availability. Information presented on this site subject to change without notice.