Comdial Digetch Features and Description

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Comdial DigiTech

Comdial DigiTech is the digital system with the complete set of built-in features you need.  Digital architecture means crisp, clear communication and assures you of a migration path to future services.  Built-in features mean no expensive add-on equipment.  With DigiTech, you’ll get features that go to work right away for you, including:


Caller ID Integration
Five-Party Conferencing
Direct Inward Station Dialing (DISD)
Departmental Call Distribution with Reporting
Built-in Call Accounting with Reports with Station Message Detail Accounting (SMDA)
Service Observing
Subdued Off-Hook Voice Announce (SOHVA)
Assist Button
LCD Messaging
Automatic Set Relocation
Battery Backup Interface
Three-Color LEDs
Interactive Softkeys
Dual-Line LCD Display
Full-Feature Programmability
Rocker Volume Control

Digital Service Units & Expansion Module

G0408             4-Line, 8-Station Digital Service Unit (DSU)

                        (Expandable by ONE expansion module)

G0816             8-Line, 16-Station Digital Service Unit (DSU)

                        (Expandable by up to TWO expansion modules)

G1632             16-Line, 32-Station Digital Service Unit (DSU)

                        (Expandable by up to TWO expansion modules)

GM408 4-Line, 8-Station Expansion Module


Software Cartridges

S0408              DigiTech Software for G0408

S0816              DigiTech Software for G0816

S1632              DigiTech Software for G1632


S0408-CID      Enhanced Caller ID, DigiTech Software for G0408

S0816-CID      Enhanced Caller ID, DigiTech Software for G0816

S1632-CID      Enhanced Caller ID, DigiTech Software for G1632


Telephones and Console

**Available in Pearl Gray (PG) and Flat Black (FB)

7700S-**         24-Line LCD Speakerphone

7714S-**         24-Line Speakerphone

7714X-**          24-Line Monitor Telephone

7701X-**          Single-Line Telephone

DD32X-**        32-Button Digital DSS/BLF Console

Some features may be optional. Some models subject to availability. Information presented on this site subject to change without notice.