ITT 3100 Features and Description

System 3100 Feature Highlights

Voice Related Features

Alarm Clock
Call Announce
Call Forward
Call Forward Outside System
Call Park
Call Transfer
Direct Extension Selection
Direct Department Calling
Direct Inward Dialing
Direct Inward System Access
Direct In Line
Direct Call Pickup
Display Option (LCD) Distinctive Ringing
Distinctive Visual Indications
Do Not Disturb
Executive Override
Extension Button Hunting
Flexible Numbering
Integrated T-1 Voice
Integrated Voice Mail
Intercom / Hotline
Last / Save Number Redial
Least Cost Routing
Message Waiting
Music: on Hold
Music: Background
Music: over Paging
Night Service
Off-premise Extension
Power Fail Transfer
Programmable Recall
Programmable Line Select
Protected Station Modes
Remote Call Pickup
Remote System Extensions
Station Hunt
Station Message Detail Recording
System Alarms
System Speed-dial
Real Time Clock
Tie Trunk Support (2 & 4 wire)
Toll Restriction
Trunk-to-trunk Transfer
User Defined Mnemonics

Data Related Features

Busy Resource Queuing
Data Broadcasting
Data Buttons
Auto or Manual
Query / Disconnect
Data Equipment Pooling
Direct Asynch Data Connect
RS-232 Data Resources
RS-422 Data Resources
7.5-19.2Kbps ASCII
Programmable Data
Speed & Format Conversion
Transparent Communications Mode
Integrated System operation
Distinctive Visual Indications
Hotline Data Connection
Modem Operation
Auto or Manual
Keyboard Dialing
Protected Station Modes
System Quick Connects
Flexible Data Connections
User Defined Mnemonics

ACD Related Features

Maximum 576 Agents
Maximum 64 Trunks
Maximum 32 Agent Groups ACD Summary Reports
Supervisor LCD Display
Supervisor Terminal Display

Note: Some features are optional.

System Configuration

The System 3100 can be configured to operate as PBX or as a key system: an uncommon capability in telephone switches of this size. Programming can be accomplished locally or remotely via a data terminal.

The system will support both voice and data calls (see Features Section on previous page). Minimum system size is unequipped (without any Interface cards installed) is 96-ports; maximum system size is 768 ports. The newer version Octal Telephone Interface card supports both proprietary and single-line phone and telephone can be custom programmed to the requirements of the user.

The system employs a distributed processing scheme: the main CPU in the Control Module communicates with Group Controllers in each Interface Module. This means that a failure in one Interface Module will not necessarily cause other Interface Modules to go down. When equipped with the optional TCE (Traffic Capacity Enhancement) Module, the system becomes fully non-blocking up to the maximum 768-ports.

System 3100 has one of the best, most flexible trunk routing schemes available in any business phone system. The way in which calls can be processed is essentially equivalent to what you typically find in an ACD (Automatic Call Routing) system used in customer service call-centers. In fact, the System 3100 will provide you with printed reports containing detailed information about the number of inbound calls and how they handled. Additionally, Least Cost Routing (LCR) programming ensures that outbound calls will be handled in the least expensive manner.

Through the use of the E&M Trunk interface card, you can connect multiple System 3100's together and transfer calls from one system to the other. System 3100 also supports DID (Direct Inward Dialing) trunks from the telephone company, which allow outside callers to directly contact a specific person, bypassing the main attendant.

The System's underlying digital technology is PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) voice encoding and TDM (Time Division Multiplexing). Each voice-path (conversation) on the system is allocated a full 64Kbps of bandwidth, which results in a clear, high quality transmission.

Proprietary Telephones

There are two broad categories of proprietary telephones that can used on the System 3100.

"Old" Style Phones

Any model numbers beginning with 26 or 280 are the "old style" phones (example: 2630CL-MOE-29M or 2801CL-MOE-20M). Cortelco discontinued some of the older phones in this category some time ago. Most of these models are currently available only as remanufactured phones, so supply will fluctuate.

"New" Style Phones

Models numbers beginning with 281 or 282 are considered "new" style phones (example: 2810-75-MOE-20M or 2820-MOE-20M).

Quite a number of different telephone models have been available for the System 3100 at different times.

A full-blown attendant console is available for situations involving a high volume of in-bound calls. A 64-button DSS/BLF (Direct Station Selection / Busy Lamp Field) unit is also available for use with proprietary telephones.

Voice Mail Integration

We Carry SDI and Key Voice Technologies voice mail products, both of which are fully integrated with the System 3100. SDI systems range from 4 to 32-ports; Key Voice Systems begin at 2-ports and grow to 24-ports. Some System 3100 additional hardware is required in order to support a voice mail system. System 3100 generic D6.3 provides the best integration of voice mail

functionality. Technical Specifications

Power 115V 60Hz, 220V 50Hz 0r -48VDC
Max Single Line Telephones 768 1
Max Multi-Button Telephones 768 1
Max Loop or Ground Start Trunks 768 2
Max E&M or DID Trunks 192
Max DSS / BLF Consoles 64
Max Attendant Consoles 4
Max Modems (Analog control) 384
Max Asynchronous Data Ports 384
Max T-1 Interfaces 32 24-channel circuits
Control Modules Required 1
Max Interface Modules 8 (@ 96-ports each)
Power Supply Modules Required 1 up to 384 Ports: 2 above 384-ports
Power Supplies 1 up to 192-ports
2 @ 193 to 384-ports
3 @ 385 to 576-ports
4 @ 577 to 768-ports
Average Module Weight 40 Lbs (18.2Kg)
Average Module Dimension 8 3/4"h x 16 3/4"w x 15"d
(222mm x 426mm x 381mm)
Transmission PCM
Switching TDM
Note: Features and functions will vary according to the specific applications.

1 No allowance for trunks. The type of multi-button phone will affect the maximum number that can be used on the system.

2 No allowance for telephones.

Some features may be optional. Some models subject to availability. Information presented on this site subject to change without notice.