Hot-Line Desk Phone (Model K-1900D-2 & K-1900W-2)

The K-1900D-2 is a programmable, Touch Tone, Hot-line dialer built into a red desk phone enclosure with no dial pad. When an off-hook on an outgoing call occurs, the K-1900D-2 will dial the pre-programmed 1-20 digit number. It will not dial on incoming calls.
Economical Employee and Customer Service Phones
The K-1500P-D (desk) and K-1500P-W (wall) phones features a standard wall or desk configuration with a built-in ringer.

The K-1500P-D or K-1500P-W can be used on an analog PBX station port or standard C.O. line to receive calls. It can also be used with a dedicated ringdown circuit, such as Viking's DLE-200B, to provide cost effective point-to-point communications.

If an automatic Hot-Line dialer is required, the K-1900W-2 (wall) and the K-1900D-2 (desk) Hot-Line phones are available. For similar vandal resistant applications, the K-1500-7, K-1700-3, K1900-7, and K-1900-8> are available!

  • Catalog sales.
  • Kiosks in malls.
  • Courtesy and customer service phones.
  • Automated tellers (ATM's).
  • Reservation phones.
  • Security and emergency phones.
  • Operates on standard C.O. lines, Centrex lines, or analog stations behind key systems and PABX's
  • No dial pad
  • Built-in ringer
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Power: Telephone line powered (20 V DC/18 mA minimum)
  • Dimensions: 127 mm x 254 mm x 102 mm (5" x 10" x 4")
  • Weight: 1.36 Kg (3 lbs.)
  • Connections: RJ11 and RJ11W jacks
  • Mounting: Flush mounted to a standard double gang box
  • Environmental: 0° to 32° C (32° to 90° F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Color: Red