Multi-number Touch Tone Hot-Line Dialer (Model K-1900-1)

The K-1900-1 now supports speed dialing on standard phones. The non-volatile memory will store up to 100 telephone numbers. When a one or two digit memory code (00-99) is entered alone, the K-1900-1 will speed dial the associated telephone number. Normal dialing will not trigger the dialer and improved toll restriction has been added.
Add Speed Dial Memory to Any Touch Tone Phone!
The K-1900-1A is capable of storing 100 telephone numbers in non-volatile E2memory and will operate on any standard loop start C.O. line or analog PABX/KSU station with any conventional phone. The K-1900-1A adds speed dial memory to any Touch Tone phone. Alternately, the unit can be used as a dedicated, multi-number dialer.

When programmed as a dedicated dialer, the K-1900-1A will only allow the user to dial one of 100 programmed telephone numbers by entering the 1 or 2 digit code. When programmed as an optional speed dialer, the user can dial through the unit as normal or enter a 1 or 2 digit code for the K-1900-1A to speed dial one of 100 of your most commonly used numbers.

  • Programmable to add speed dial memory or to be used as a dedicated, multi-number dialer
  • Non-volatile E memory (no batteries required)
  • Local or remote programmable with a standard Touch Tone phone
  • Telephone line powered
  • Stores up to (10) 32 digit and (90) 16 digit phone numbers
  • Touch Tone or pulse dialing with normal or high speed settings
  • User dialing restriction (programmable on/off)
  • LED programming indicator
  • Push button security code override
  • Allows 911 and 311 emergency dialing
  • Add 100 number speed dial memory to any standard phone
  • Security and emergency phones
  • Interactive point of sale displays
  • Catalog sales
  • ATM’s
  • Replace leased Ringdown circuits
  • Hot-Line reservation phones for hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc.
  • Power: Telephone line powered (24V DC/20mA minimum)
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 36mm x 120mm (2.8" x 1.4" x 4.7")
  • Shipping Weight: .45 kg (1lb)
  • Environmental: 0° C to 32° C (32° F to 90° F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Connections: (1) RJ11 jack, (1) RJ11 plug