6 Line Power Fail Telephone Line Switch (Model PF-6A)

The PF-6A will reroute up to 6 ground or loop start lines directly to analog single line phones in the event of a power failure when the Key Systems and PABX's will not work. The PF-6A also works flawlessly as a ground start to loop start converter.

Un-interrupted Telephone Communications During Power and System Failures
Convert Ground Start Lines to Loop Start Lines

With the PF-6, you will continue to receive your calls, during phone system and power outages. The PF-6 bypass unit connects 6 pre-assigned single line station phones directly to the C.O. trunks you have assigned. A built in ground start converter permits outbound calls from standard phones.

When the system is restored, you will not lose calls.  Viking’s PF-6 bypass unit will reconnect phones to their station circuits after they become idle.

The PF-6 can be configured to operate when power is lost or from an opening/closing of an alarm contact or manual closure.

The PF-6 can also be used to convert six incoming ground start lines to loop start lines. This accommodates installation of telephony equipment requiring loop start lines (i.e: key systems, call sequencers, answering machines, voice mail, etc.).

  • Prevents busy signals or unanswered calls during power and system failures
  • Converts ground start lines to standard loop start lines
  • Transfers six C.O. trunks to the designated analog station phones
  • Stackable to increase capacity
  • Allows you to receive calls as well as make calls during power or system failure
  • Compatible with loop start lines or 48V ground start lines
  • Automatic ground start converter eliminates "ground start buttons"
  • Power restoration will not interrupt calls in progress
  • Operates on power failure or normally open - normally closed alarm contacts
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Power: 120 V AC/13.8V AC 1.25A, UL listed adapter provided or 24-48V DC, 100mA
  • Dimensions: 187mm x 127mm x 45mm (7.35" x 5" x 1.75")
  • Shipping Weight: .91 kg (2 lbs.)
  • Environmental: 0°C to 32°C (32°F to 90°F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Connections: (1) RJ21X, (1) RJ11