NEC Elite Key Service Units, Power Supply Units, and Adapters
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NEC Elite KSU B64-U10


The Basic Key Service Unit (KSU) for the Electra Elite System provides service for outside lines, Attendant Consoles, and interconnection of the station terminals. The basic KSU provides 64 ports that can be expanded to a maximum of 192 ports with the addition of two expansion KSUs. The basic KSU is also used for the expansion KSUs. System software allows a maximum of 184 ports to be used for stations and trunks. There are two fixed slots and eight flexible slots.

The Expansion Key Service Unit (KSU) of the Electra Elite System provides an additional 64 ports. Expansion units can be added to the Basic KSU to provide 128 ports with one expansion unit and 192 ports with two expansion units. Each Expansion KSU provides eight flexible slots and accommodates any interface cards. The P64-U10 PSU (power supply unit), backup batteries, and three PFT relays are included with each KSU.


NEC Elite KSU FCE-U10 Unit


The Front Cover Extender Unit is required when a VDH2(8)-U10, IPT(4/8)-U10, or CTI(4/8)-U10 ETU is installed.


NEC Elite KSU P64-U10 PSU


The Power Supply Unit is included with the B64-U10 KSU.