Toshiba DK-14
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Toshiba DK-14 BASIC KSU DKSU-14

The Strata DK14 KSU contains the main processor, components:

Strata DK General Description 5/99
The main PCB (WMAU) has four integrated circuits that can connect to digital corded and/or cordless telephones, stand-alone data interface units (PDIU-DSs), and digital door phone/lock control units (DDCB). Each of the digital telephones can support a PC Data Interface Unit (RPCI-DI) or up to two Add-on Modules (DADMs). It does not support a DDSS console. Two circuits for loop start CO lines are built into the main PCB. Each line can be programmed for Dual-tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) or dial pulse signaling. It includes a switch to control potential excess volume from a nearby private branch exchange (PBX) or CO. Built-in gas tubes help protect each circuit from lightning. Each line supports Caller ID when optional equipment is added.

Tishiba DK-14 QCDU2 Central Office Line/Digital Telephone Interface Unit

The QCDU2 provides one loop start CO linecircuit and two digital telephone circuits. It interfaces with digital corded and/or cordless telephones, RPCI-DIs, ADMs connected to the corded telephones and PDIU-DSs, and door phones. The DK14 supports up to six door phones. It does not support a DDSS console. Up to two QCDU2 PCBs can be added to the DK14. Each line supports Caller ID when optional equipment is added.

Toshiba DK-14 QSTU2 Standard Telephone Interface Unit

The QSTU2 provides two standard telephone circuits for two-wire devices such as standard telephones, Auto Attendant devices, alternate BGM source connection, voice mail machines, and facsimile machines.

Toshiba DK-14 QRCU3 DTMF Receiver/ABR Tone Detector Unit

The QRCU3 enables the Strata DK14 to recognize Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones generated by a standard telephone or any other device connected to a QSTU3 standard telephone circuit. It is also required for Direct Inward System Access (DISA) calls and built-in Auto Attendant. The QRCU3 enables busy tone detection for Automatic Busy Redial.

Toshiba DK-14 QKYS1 Auto Attendant Feature Key

The QKYS1 plugs into the QRCU3 option PCB to support built-in Auto Attendant.

Toshiba DK-14 WSIU1 Serial Interface Board

The WSIU1 provides two serial interface ports for up to two of the following devices:
© Caller ID interface box
© SMDR Call Accounting device
© SMDI Voice Mail Interface
© PC with DKAdmin or external modem