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AT&T 1717 Answering Machine

Answering System with 12 minuets of digital record time,. Time/date stamp, message guard, call screening, memo, toll saver, small foot ptint. Dove Gray.

AT&T 1760 Answering Machine

Answering System with 12 minuets of digital record time, Caller ID with 64 name/number storage, time /date stamp, memo, call screening, message guard, Dove Gray.

AT&T 1782 2 Line Answering Machine

Two-Line Digital Answering System w/ Caller ID/Call Waiting, 22 Minutes Digital Recording Time.


22 Minutes Digital Recording Time 2 Voice Mail Boxes (1 box per line) Answers While Recording lets the system record a message on one line while answering with a 'please wait' prompt on the other Announce Only Three Outgoing Announcements Caller ID/Call Waiting Capability 99 Name/Number Caller ID History Talking Caller ID allowing you to record announcements to be played each time you recieve a call from a specified number Caller ID/Voice Message Link provides Caller ID information when playing messages Tapeless Digital Technology: Instant Playback, Selective Save and Delete, Skip and Repeat Message Guard(tm) Memory for Power Failure protects against the loss of messages during a power failure New Message Playback allows you to play only new messages, at the machine or when you call in from a remote location Remote Room Monitor with Intercom allows you to here what is happening and have conversations with people who are in the same room as your answering system while you are away from home/office Priority call Signal lets you give important callers a code that makes the system beep distinctively Scan a message by replaying any part of the message you want to hear Time/Day Stamp announce the time and day of each message before playback Call Screening/Intercept allows you to listen to calls without actually taking them. If you want to speak with the caller, pick up the phone to intercept the call Two-Way recording allows you to save Important calls by recording both sides of a conversation with the caller consent Memo allows you to record messages for family members or reminders for yourself Message Indicator displays the total number of messages received Remote Access from other Touch Tone Phones allows you to perform a variety of functions when away: play messages, bypass the outgoing announcement, change the remote access code, turning the system on or off and save/delete or skip/repeat messages Toll Saver lets you know (by the number) of there are any New Messages before completing the call Hold and Mute Receiver Volume Control Redial Ringer Volume Control Flash Selectable Dialing Temporary Tone Hearing Aid Compatible Table or Wall Convertible

ATT 1718 Digital Answering Systern

ATT1718 Digital answering Systern with 15 minutes of record time, Caller ID number announce, time/day stamp, call screening/intercept, memo, remote access, audible message alert, announce-only mode.

ATT 1726 Digital Answering System

ATT 1726 Digital answering system with 30 minutes of record time, Caller ID number announce, 3 mailboxes, message transfer between mailboxes, audible message alert, announce-oniy mode, two-way record/memo.