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AT&T/Lucent Phone Model 9311

900 MHz cordless with 30 channel auto select. 10# memory, headset jack, page/handset locator, handset receiver volume control, redial, selectable ringer sounds, hearing aid compatible, belt clip, wall mountable. Dove Gray.

Battery ATTBAT-3301

AT&T/Lucent Phone Model 9312

Two line 900 MHz cordless with speakerphone, dual keypads, 4 party conference, distinctive ringing for each line, 20# memory, 2 way paging intercom, hold, ringer on/off, handset receiver volume control, headset jack. Dove Gray

AT&T/Lucent Phone Model 9341

900MHz cordless telephone. Caller ID/Call Waiting Features: 50 Name/Number Caller ID History Lighted Display for easy viewing of Caller ID history and more Dislay Dialing of numbers in Caller ID History Memory Match of incoming calls with number/names stored in memory Priority Ringing of important callers identified by a distinctive ring Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator for Messages waiting at your voice mail service New Call Indicator


20 Number Memory Headset CompatiblePage/Handset locator helps locate the handset when away from the base Out of Range Alert emits audible beeps when the phone moves out of the range of the base Auto ON/OFF when removing or returning the handset to the base Low Battery Indicator beeps to indicate it's time to recharge/change the battery Belt Clip allow you to attach the phone to your belt Flash allows easy access to Call Waiting and other similar services Redial the last number called Selectable Dialing allows you to use the phone with rotary or touch tone service Temporary Tone provides temporary access to touch tone signals Hearing Aid Compatible with inductively coupled hearing aids Table or Wall mountable Improved talk time up to 10 hours Quick Charge fully charges the handset battery in 6 hours Advanced Channel Auto Select automatically selects the clearest channel Handset Receiver Volume Control provides 5 different volume level selections Mute allows you to hear your caller, but prevents the caller form hearing you Ringer ON/OFF allows you to turn the ringer off, preserving the handset battery life Selectable Ringer Sounds provides easy selection of 4 different ringer sounds

Battery ATTBAT-3301

AT&T/Lucent Phone Model 2400

2.4 GHz cordless speakerphone with Caller ID/Call Waiting Caller ID.Multihandset capacity allows you to have up to 4 handsets on the system. Full duplex speakerphone on the base, speakerphone in handset, dual keypads, illuminated keypad, spare battery chanrger, 50# dialing directory, 2 way page/intercom, handset receiver volume control, redial, line in use indicator, headset jack, 50# call log, message waiting indicator. Metallic Charcoal.

Battery ATTBAT-2401