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Polyconcepts Golfbag Phone

Great gift for the gold lover. Detailed replica features genuine leather bag with zippers, clubs, and cuffs.

Telemania Michael Jordan

Limited Edition telephone with the shape and texture of an actual basketball Michael Jordan's signature across the top portion of the basketball Custom Ringer features: 1 - Telephone rings, 2 - Basketball opens to a basketball court with Jordan fans, 3 - Michael Jordan is announced; the fans start cheering and perform the wave as high energy music plays, 4- Lights rotate with action shots of MJ shown on a multi-screen scoreboard Keypad numbers 2 and 3 are colored in red to represent Jordan's number Custom ringer or conventional ringer FCC and ETL approved Hearing aid compatibility Approximate unit dimensions: 9.5"H x 10"W x 11"D


Fully Modular, Tone/Pulse switchable, ringer on/off switchable