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Progressive Model 200FP Filter Probe

Blocks Out “Power Line Hum” Works With Any Tone Generator Any technician who has ever worked around powered lines and equipment will instantly see the value of the Filter Probe. Tone signals that were lost in a sea of hissing and buzzing AC interference will become crystal clear. With three types of noise filtration, the Filter Probe virtually eliminates power related noise from the tone-and-probe operation. By selectively Filtering out all 60Hz and 60Hz harmonics, the 200FP can be used with any tone generator for faster, more accurate, cable and wire identification. The 220FP Filter Probe’s patented design offers: Slim, comfortable design for use in limited space areas Powerful “rear-fire” speaker Recessed on/off push 6utton control to conserve battery life Adjustable sensitivity/volume control to increase accuracy Switch to select normal or filter operation Blended carbon/plastic tip to reduce the risk of shorting terminals Recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection easy access probe tip and battery replacement Convenient wrist lanyard

Model 700C Carrying Case

Designed for Use With Any Progressive Electronics Tone-And-Probe Combination

Progressive Model 77 Series Tone Generators

Applications in All Wiring And Cabling Industries Fast, Accurate Wire Identification When it comes to tone generators, more technicians choose Progressive Electronics over any other brand. By applying a tone signal to a wire pair or single conductor, and used with an inductive amplifier (probe), the tone generator permits technicians to identify that conductor within a bundle, at a cross-connect point, or at the remote end. These tone generators can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, datacom, etc.), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring, and just about any other wiring you can think of. All 77 Series Tone Generators provide the four basic functions of tone signal, continuity testing, talk battery supply, and line polarity confirmation. In addition to its bent nose piercing clips, the newly re-designed 77HP/6A now offers increased talk battery supply and higher voltage protection. With our models to choose from, you can select the tone generator that best fits your needs.

Model 200EP Inductive Amplifier

Can Be Used With Any Tone Generator Simplifies Wire And Cable Identification Used in conjunction with any tone generators, the units permit wire and cable identification without having to make direct metallic contact with the conductor. Powerful receiver gain permits accurate identification in even the most congested cable bundles and equipment rooms. The 200EP includes a powerful, two inch speaker which eliminates the need for additional buttsets or headsets, and a recessed, on/off push button control. The Model 200B provides traditional probe features including a nickel plated, brass probe tip for maximum signal reception. The Model 200EP offers adjustable volume control for more precise identification when tone signal “bleed” is affecting the identification process. Additionally, the 200EP includes recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection that, when connected, bypass the probe’s speaker. This is especially useful when working in noisy environments or at locations where the speaker noise may disturb customers. Its unique tip incorporates a blended carbon compound that reduces conductivity without sacrificing performance and minimizes the risk of shorting terminals.

Progressive Electronics Model 701K Tone and Probe Kit

Simple To Set Up And Use Applications In All Industries The kit consists of the 77HP High Power Tone Generator, the 200EP Inductive Amplifier, and the rugged 700C woven polyester carrying case. All kit components are available individually.

AT8K AdapToner Kit

The AT series tone generators make it simple to test any configuration of pairs in 8 position modular jacks and plugs. The AT8K AdapToner Kit which includes the ATB, 200EP Inductive Amplifier and 700C carrying case.
AT8 features:
8 position “snag proof” modular plug 8 position jack with protective cover Tone, continuity, and talk battery supply using alligator clips Selectable solid/warble tone signal Quick reference guide with common wiring configurations Weather resistant design AT8K combines AT8 and A200EP inductive AMP in a polyester carrying case that easily fits on your belt

Progressive Electronics Model 402K Cable TV Cable Tone Test Set

Tone Through Splitters Identify Non-tagged or Mis-tagged Cable Drops Designed specifically for the CATV industry, the Model 402K will send tone through any passive device along the cable path. Now you can tone through splitters, directional couplers and traps. No more long delays trying to figure out non-tagged or mis-tagged cable drops. The model 402K is simple to use and provides fast, accurate results. The transmitter and receiver are equipped with female F-connectors and the kit provides both audible and LED test and tone indications. The addition of optional adapter test leads allows the 402K to be used on distribution cables as well as wire pairs or single conductors. With its user defined tone output, up to four 402T Toner units can be used simultaneously for tracing multiple cable runs. As a display to indicate resistance levels. The unit will even identify the presence of AC or DC voltage on the cable under test. The newly designed 402R receiver provides three methods of signal reception: electrostatic pickup for non-terminated cables, electromagnetic pickup for terminated or shorted cables, and direct connection when identifying in the presence of passive devices.
Each kit consists of: one transmitter, one receiver, one male F-to-F connector adapter cable, one male F-to-alligator clip adapter cable, and a 700C carrying case.

IDEAL Modular Test Adapter

The IDEAL family of Modular Tester/Adapters gives communication professionals easy access and testing capability for all data and telephone cabling configurations. Choose the 4-position Tele4™ and 6-position Smart6™ adapters for phone lines or the 8-position Data8™ test adapter for all common data wiring configurations, including Category 5 systems.
IDEAL Tele4™ Modular Adapter
This easy to use 4-position, in-line adapter is reverse wired to allow easy testing of phone circuits without service interruption. The easy-to-read label clearly defines pin number and wall direction identification. Large perforated test pads allow secure attachment of test probes and alligator clips. This device can be used as an in-line splicing device to join two modular cable assemblies. Sturdy stainless steel belt clip will not break.
IDEAL Smart6™ Modular Tester
The IDEAL Smart6™ Tester is a reverse wired adapter designed for voice circuit testing utilizing LED indicators to display polarity, jack addresses and incoming call identification. Test button enables testing of pair one or two for power. Easy-to-read information label identifies individual conductors and pins defined with number, color, and polarity identifications. Sturdy stainless steel belt clip will not break.
IDEAL Data8™ Modular Adapter
The Data8™ Adapter with straight through wiring allows testing of T568A, T568B, 10Base-T, Token Ring and TP-PMD systems. This adapter can be used with tone generators, test sets and other devices to provide access to data lines without service interruption. The tester features EIA/TIA Category 5 jacks and a unique design to reduce attenuation, coupling and NEXT. This product may be placed as a coupler in a Category 5 link without exceeding acceptable NEXT values for link certification. Easy to read label identifies individual conductors and pins defined with number, color and polarity identifications.

Model 501 Tracker II

Affordable Buried Cable Locating Locate Wires and Cables Underground. Depth to 7' and 4000' range. For those technicians who need to locate buried wiring but don’t want high priced locators, the 501 is for you. Its compact design doesn’t take up valuable truck space while easy to understand operations keep you from constantly referring to instruction. The Model 501 provides reliable results on buried cables to depths of 7 feet and ranges up to 4000 feet. The unit can even be used to determine the approximate depth of the wire before you dig or deactivate the system.

Model 508S Wire Finder

Trace The Path Of Energized Circuits In Walls Works Great For Locating Wires Covered Up During Construction Where the Model 508 earned its approval with outside plant technicians, the Model 508S is fast becoming the favorite of the premise wiring trades. Like its predecessor, the 508S provides buried cable tracing at depths to 3 feet and lengths to 1000 feet. When tracing wires in walls, the 508S works great on any type of cable including telephone, electrical, HVAC control wire, audio, coaxial, and more. Using the AC outlet adapter also permits use on energized 120V AC circuits. If you’ve ever had to find a J-box that was covered over with plaster, you’ll know what a time saver this product will be.

Progressive Model 468 Modular Cable Tester

Test 258, T568B, 10Base-T, USOC, and T568A Standards Identify Opens, Shorts, Reversals and Transposed Pairs Send Tone to identify cable at remote locations Most voice and data network problems are wire related. Open or shorted pairs and general mis-wires can be quickly diagnosed with the 468 Tester. Why spend hundreds on a high-end tester when all you really need are basic functions? The Model 468 Modular Cable Tester rises above the competition with its unique features including a built-in tone generator. Simply connect any 8-position modular plug to the appropriate jack on the transmitter and a sweeping tone signal is applied to all pairs. At the far end of the cable, use any Progressive Electronics inductive amplifier (probe) to locate the corresponding plug or jack. Connecting the receiver unit automatically activates the test process. Sequencing red and greed LEDs provide fast, accurate, and simple to understand results. The Model 468 identifies opens, shorts, reversals, transposed pairs and will even alert the technician if connected to an active circuit (without harming the unit).

IDEAL PathFinder Tester

The IDEAL PathFinder Tester™ is specifically designed for professional installers and maintenance technicians for mapping, testing and troubleshooting installed data communications, phone wiring and coaxial cable runs in new construction and existing facilities. One technician can quickly map, test and install twisted pair and coaxial cabling from one location. Tests all common wiring configurations T568/B, 10Base-T, TP-PDM, Token ring and, USOC Unique “learn” mode enables tester to learn, verify and test modified configurations. Remote modules identify specific cable addresses. The IDEAL PathFinder™ Tester operates up to four remote modules. High intensity LEDs provide clear indication of cable and connection status and wiring faults including reversals, opens, shorts, miswires and split pair conditions. A coaxial cable port identifies cable conditions including shorts, shield opens and center conductor breaks. A build in tone generator enables individual conductor identification and tracing. Each remote unit has a unique electronic “address”, allowing the mapping of individual circuits and routing to each cable endpoint.

IDEAL PathFinder Tester Kit

N-33312 IDEAL PathFinder Kit
IDEAL PathFinder™ Tester, four remote modules and convenient storage case. N-33814 IDEAL PathFinder & Wiring Verifier Kit
IDEAL PathFinder Tester, four remote modules, Wiring Verifier-Patch Cable Tester, IDEAL Smart6 Modular Tester, IDEAL Data8™ Modular Test Adapter, Amplifier Probe and convenient storage case.

IDEAL N-62050 IDEAL Wiring Verifier - Patch Cable Tester

The IDEAL Wiring Verifier provides fast and reliable testing of continuity and wiring schemes for paired cables terminated with modular plugs as well as verifying conductor continuity for coaxial cables. Single tester identifies Shorts, opens, and miswires for paired cables and opens or shorts for coaxial cables for versatile on the job usage. LEARN mode allows wiring schematics, including EIA/TIA 568 A/B, USOC, 10Base-T, Token Ring, and TP-PMD, as well as custom configurations to be quickly and easily learned for verification. High intensity LED indicators provide clear visual analysis of cable condition. Multi-color mylar legend, plate makes cable status check fast and easy. Optional audible signal confirms completion of test. Automatic off feature turns unit off after a period of inactivity and prevents unnecessary battery discharge Premium grade RJ45 jacks and coaxial port insures long life. Sealed push buttons provide dust and moisture protection for circuit board. Durable ABS case provides impact protection. Nylon pouch for handy storage of IDEAL Wiring Verifier has funnel belt loop to fit belts up to 2 3/4" wide. The Wiring Verifier Pouch also includes a “D” ring for attachment to a toolpouch clip.

N-LANMASTER-30 LanMaster 30 Outlet Identifier

Just Plug It In, Push The Button, Read The Results! The LanMaster 30 is an essential tool for any user responsible for managing, installing or maintaining network or telecom systems. Applications Installation - Verify that an outlet is functional after punching down a new connection. Moves, Adds and Changes (MACS) - Identify correct outlet before connecting equipment. Cable/Network Testing - Verify no damaging voltages are present before connecting expensive Cable Testers or Protocol Analyzers Network Management - Identify/label outlet connections and update cabling plant documentation. Product Overview The LanMaster 30 Outlet Identifier is designed to quickly identify the type of network or telephone connections present on the RJ-45 jacks of a wall outlet. The Model 30 will identify a 10baseT Link, 100baseTX Link, Token Ring Link, Analog Telephone Line, PBX Line or an ISDN Line. The unit will also warn the user if unidentified signals are present at the jack or if the jack is not connected. Connecting equipment to an untested wall outlet can damage the installed device if the outlet does not have a compatible electrical interface. Many PBX systems can supply voltage and current levels that far exceed the limits of modems or network devices resulting in equipment failure when connected. Knowing the type of connection available at an outlet not only protects against equipment damage, but also reduces time wasted troubleshooting physical layer problems. The LanMaster 30 scans all eight wires connected to an RJ-45 outlet to identify the type of system connected or the presence of potentially harmful unknown signals Identifying outlet connections with the Model 30 eliminates guessing at which is the correct outlet or wasting time tracing cables. The LanMaster 30 makes installing and maintaining network and telecom systems easier and safer. The LanMaster 30 has eight LEDs which indicate the following: 10T - 10baseT device 100T - 100baseT device TR - Token Ring TEL - Analog telephone line PBX - PBX telephone line ISDN - ISDN telephone line SIGNAL - Signals are present but are not identified NO LINK - No signals are present on any of the 8 wires Note: both the 10T and 100T LEDs will light if the device is configured for 10/100 auto-negotiation

LanMaster 20/25 Link Tester

Product Overview The LanMaster Models 20 and 25 are designed to provide LAN Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly test Fast Ethernet (100base TX) and Standard Ethernet (10baseT). In just 3 seconds the LANMASTER decodes the link signals and displays the exact configuration and signal types of the equipment connected to the link. The Model 20 and 25 are used for the following Applications
1.New Installations/Moves, Adds and Changes/Troubleshooting Identify live outlets in multi-outlet wall plates Certify operating modes of connected equipment are compatible Confirm Network Interface Card is functioning Verify transmit-receive pairs are assigned correctly (LAN or NIC polarity) Provide a “No Link” indication for Links with reversed pairs Identify equipment with fault conditions 2.Network Management Determine configuration of equipment prior to upgrading Identify dead drops for re-assignment 3.The Model 25 also verifies Link connectivity to the far end, tests for reported faults, determines polarity of the outlet or cable, transmits Link Signals for identifying a connected port and generates an audio tone for tracing cables with a tone probe. See page D-5 for probes to be used for signal tracing.

Progressive Electronics Proscanner Cable Test System

Fast, Affordable, Comprehensive Cable Tester When performing a new cable installation you need to work fast and smart in order to bring the job in on time, on budget and done right. PROSCANNER is an all-purpose, affordable, pocket-sized cable test tool designed to check cabling integrity. When you need to save time, space and money, choose the PROSCANNER to confirm length, wiring configuration and the location of cable faults. Features:
Uses TDR technology to ensure accurate length measurements Checks wire continuity Checks Wire Configuration (wiremap) Pinpoints opens, shorts, crossed and split pairs Enables patch cable testing without couplets or external adapters Measures length, including individual pairs to the hub Tone feature locates remote cable ends and cables in a bundle Matches cables to offices during additions, moves and changes Is pocket-sized and durable Includes: Master Unit, Wiremap Adapter #4, Cordura Carrying Case